Vikash Jain - Co-Founder, Share Samadhan

"Sneha’s ability to understand things are commendable. Her customer relationship skill is admirable. She has been able to make her way in the niche field of Unclaimed Investment Retrieval Advisory – A social commercial venture of Share Samadhan. She is a great asset to us. I wish her all the best in her career."

Vir Singh - Founder, Diligent Advisors

"Sneha is a quick learner who became a great leader at Diligent Advisors, displaying an admirable mix of focus, perseverance, and aggression that inspired the rest of the team. She can quickly grasp the requirements of a job and then get it done. She is conscientious and is constantly looking for new challenges. Her energy and attitude would be an asset to any organization. I recommend her highly."


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