About Me

Hi, I'm Sneha, from New Delhi, India.

I help investors and their legal heirs to recover their Unclaimed Investments (IEPF Claim, Lost Physical Shares, etc.). I work as the Inside Sales/CRM Head at Share Samadhan

Previously, I worked with an experienced international journalist as a Senior Research Associate at Diligent Advisors. It was an interesting profile of doing qualitative due diligence research, on promoters and key executives of a company (pre-investment checks). Before that, I worked at a home furnishing export house based in Panipat, India as a Sampling Head.

My Mantras for a Happy Life:

* See the good in it (all-time mantra)

* Let go of Me, Mine, Myself (working hard on it)

* Live your life it as it comes...with No Regrets!

* Think twice before you begin to start judging

* Less is More... 

Love ~ Sneha

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