Book Review - Animal Farm By George Orwell

Book Review 

Animal Farm By George Orwell

Written by: Prithvi Dev Singh, 2nd year student in Delhi University, India

Animal Farm is a parable or an allegorical novella by George Orwell, first published in England 3rd August 1945. It can also be categorised under political satire.


Book tells the story of farm animals who rebel against their human farmer hoping to create a society where animals can be equal free and happy. The main characters are mostly the farm animals and among them the pigs.


For the Indian audience this story is very relatable and holds the answers to the modern Indian political conundrum. It was amazing to see how well George Orwell put everything together in the book with the bottom line message of 'man is a pig'.


I had this earworm of “Des Mera” by Indian Ocean, when I was reading this book which actually makes perfect sense if you pay attention to the lyrics. Talk about context!


Character development is quite intriguing once you have turned a certain number of pages. The story initially comes across as mundane and boring, quite similar to a children's book or a Disney movie. You may think it's predictable but it isn't. There is conflict, there is drama, treachery and an underlying message of how immoral and evil people usurp the power given to them to exploit the vulnerable. How when you stop questioning things and follow your “leaders” blindly, you are being controlled like a herd of sheep.


Not that I have read many books by George Orwell (or at all), but I'm Halfway into '1984' and I can already point out the similarities in the two plots (doesn't mean they are same). So if you are into political satire you like this book or if you are an Indian in 2021 you'll like it.


As for errors and plot holes, I don't think there were any or maybe it's just incompetence on my part.


The ending wasn't very much to my liking, when you are reading the book you wish for certain characters to make a heroic comeback, George Orwell made sure to keep the story as real as possible, even though it's about animals rebelling against mankind.


Not that I could give any ratings, this is my first review of a book, but if I could it would be 9 out of 10. Gripping plot but only once you have crossed the boring part, amazing character development, especially of the Pigs. Its strong plot definitely does justice to its genre and all in all a good read.

Book:                    Animal Farm        

Author:                  George Orwell

Published:              17 August, 1945 (Secker and Warburg, London, England)

Media type:            Print (hardback & paperback)

Pages:                   112 (UK paperback edition)


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Interesting, now I will have to read the book!

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