Learning to Trade

Learning to Trade  

Confession of an Unbiased Working Mother & Avid Learner

When I (Sneha Kaur) joined my current organization in 2017, I was a complete novice and did not know anything about the share market. 

However, I gathered much knowledge about Unclaimed Investments, thanks to Share Samadhan सारे समाधान . Here, I learned the issues faced by the investors when they want to retrieve their  #unclaimedinvestment or #IEPFclaim. 

But I always wanted to know - how did they invest in the first place? How did they know which company to invest in? How to begin? Then I came across a video by Vivek Bajaj. He has come up with a stock analysis tool by the name of StockEdge

So if you want to explore the share market and are a complete novice (like me) then you might want to simply subscribe to this channel by where you can learn very easily. It is amazing. I watched 3 videos of his #Learn2Trade and I feel more confident than I was 2 hours before. He is able to clear your concepts in a very simple manner. I like the fact that he is speaking in Hindi. 

Many people like me can speak and understand English well but when it comes to managing your money you need a crystal clear understanding of all the financial jargon people seem to use! Thanks again, Vivek Bajaj Sir. I really, appreciate your Unbiased (very important, these days) efforts!!

Thank you. 


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