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Learning to Trade

Learning to Trade    Confession of an Unbiased Working Mother & Avid Learner When I ( Sneha Kaur ) joined my current organization in 2017, I was a complete novice and did not know anything about the share market.  However, I gathered much knowledge about  Unclaimed Investments , thanks to Share Samadhan सारे समाधान  . Here, I learned the issues faced by the investors when they want to retrieve their   #unclaimedinvestment or # IEPFclaim.   But I always wanted to know - how did they invest in the first place? How did they know which company to invest in? How to begin? Then I came across a video by  Vivek Bajaj . He has come up with a stock analysis tool by the name of StockEdge So if you want to explore the share market and are a complete novice (like me) then you might want to simply subscribe to this channel by where you can learn very easily. It is amazing. I watched 3 videos of his #Learn2Trade and I feel more confident than I was 2 hours before. He is able to clear your conc

Tips for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregivers

As part of an Alzheimer caregiver family, we always had a difficult time keeping a straight face in front of each other when it came to our father (who was an Alzheimer’s patient since 2010). Since 2015 (joint family earlier), we were a family of seven… me, my husband, his parents, our two teenage kids, and their nanny (more than a family). Almost all of us “believed” that we are “okay”. Whereas, it was totally the opposite. For almost a decade we suffered silently and did not talk (to each other) about it much. That was one huge mistake, I guess. Symptom of depression, diagnosed by chance, for me: It was only after my father-in-law passed away last October is when we realized how his disease has affected us. One day, I attended a session by my school friend, Yogeeta Phogat-Counseling Psychologist at Manosamvaad . I attended the session just to make her happy only to learn, later, that I was in depression (big time). Finally, I knew why I found myself alone in a room full of people. My