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When Memes Speak Louder

  Few Memes I Created For Instagram Posts

Who Ought To Be The Boss?!

Many people in general, recruiting agencies, multinational companies, and big/small corporates have a misconception that leadership skills are only to be found in renowned management school graduates. [And] one who is not a product of a reputed B- schools are not deserving enough to be a leader. In fact, some even go on to believe that they are not even eligible to become leaders. Many of you, including me, would disagree and many might totally agree to this. I feel management skill is in every human being. However, the percentage might differ. A great homemaker could become a CEO had he or she been working in a corporate. [And] one can clearly see their management skills by the way they manage their home. So, to say, only the management graduates can become good leaders is a misconception by many companies who hire managers just by the name of the college on their resumes. Though, this does not mean I am opposed to the idea of having a good education. People with decent educational ba