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Q 1. I found old shares. They are in IEPF. Can we sell these old certificates?

A: No. If the shares have gone to IEPF it means the shares are lying with the central government’s fund in demat form. It can be claimed in the shareholder’s name. In case, the shareholder is deceased his/her legal heirs can claim the investments.

Q 2. How can I find if there are more unpaid dividends or shares in my family’s name?

A: You can check on this website,, if there are shares lying in your family members’ names. It is a time-consuming process as the website crashes after a while. You will have to keep patience.

Q 3. Can I also claim the unpaid dividends?

A: Yes, you can claim the unclaimed dividends too.

Q 4. I found very old shares during my visit to hometown. What can I do with them? What is the current value? 

A: The legal heir (s) can claim the shares if the shareholder is not alive.

You should scan/click clear photo of the old certificate, dividends, any old letter from company(s). If you have time then put down the details in an excel. Make headings like Name of shareholder, father name, address of purchase, Folio number, Date of purchase. 

Sneha Kaur

IEPF Expert Consultant in New Delhi, India. Helping people recover their unclaimed investments (IEPF). Working as CRM Head at Share Samadhan, an unclaimed investment recovery advisory entity. For quick assistance on WhatsApp at 9818377156.


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