Inside Sales - Helping to Buy

Inside Sales 

The sale of products or services by reaching out to customers through email, internet, and the phone is called Inside Sales. Sharing my three years’ experience and learning of inside sales (services) at Share Samadhan. Hope you like this short post.

  • Try helping your customers to buy your services or product
  • Do not follow your leads like Cheeka (Hutch Ad’s Pug)
  • One should have patience, nurture your leads, understand them
  • Make customers feel special. Be happy when you speak
  • There’s no need to be aggressive
  • You can agree to disagree without arguments or disrespecting them
  • Be patient and educate them about the issues they might be having but are unaware of
  • Be a problem solver
  • Be polite, give respect while talking to your prospective client. He could be a CEO, a small vendor, shouldn’t matter
  • Respect their choice of language, speak in a language they are comfortable with
  • Be empathetic
  • Be Trustworthy. Tell the truth whether the leads close or not

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