Digital Marketing Bug

Bitten but Smitten

    Digital Marketing bug could bite a Gen-X Busy Bee Working Mom when...

    • When LinkedIn is all about people posting their fancy certifications and suddenly FOBO (fear of being offline) strikes her, big time!!
    • After 2 years' stint in the sales job, she finally realizes "DM" is SOMETHING she needs to know. 
    • When she hears discussions of SEM, SEO SMM but doesn't know what they exactly mean! and oh PPC, of course!!
    • When she finally thinks she "should also" write a blog and "save the earth" by her online presence.
    • When, as a CRM/Inside Sales Head, she is expected to fill the gap after her team's Digital Marketer leaves, until new hiring is done!
    Oh yeah, you guessed it all right, it all be true like the Sun and the Moon!! These are all the basic reasons why I started learning Digital Marketing in the first place apart from being an Avid Learner

    Now let me help you make a decision on the basis of the experiences I had, mistakes I made, or still continuing to make. Notes from what I learned from my experiences/mistakes, so far, are listed below.

    Enrollment - beware of fake institutes

    1. If you are serious about learning digital marketing, do your OWN research. 
    2. Do not believe anyone who is already enrolled in a digital marketing course. 
    3. He/she would boast to you about the institute he is in to just get a referral fee when you enroll in "his institute" which is the "best institute in India."
    4. Before you enroll, do some research as to which other institutes or academy is offering the same course & modules.
    5. The number of topics being covered in each of the institutes and on what fee. Compare, ask and be upfront in asking queries. 
    6. Check who the trainers are? How many years they have been in the industry? Are they doing any projects or only teaching you theories they learned 3-4 years back?
    7. How updated are the Trainers with the industry & the tools available?
    8. Get a detailed curriculum you will pay for.
    9. Search Google and you will find many free tutorials by bloggers. Compare what is not covered & ask why? 
    10. The important question you should ask the institute upfront is "Are the trainers also teaching outside the institute?" If they are, then there could be a conflict of interest which could hamper you in the long run.
    11. Ask - what if you miss classes? How will they be adjusted? I will keep adding here. Let's move on to another topic now.

    Online Classes Dilemma

    1. Do not enroll if (I'm dead serious) you are addicted to WhatsApp/Facebook and cannot control your urge to check your phone during the classes.
    2. Please take time out, sit in a quiet place and attend your lectures. 
    3. Please make your notes.
    4. Ask questions then and there during the lecture.
    5. Make sure you get the recording of the lectures at a later stage. This you should check while you are enrolling, btw (by the way).
    6. Make sure you have a good internet connection and the same goes with the trainer as well.
    7. Please do not sleep in the class. 
    8. If you cannot attend a class inform your coordinator beforehand so that you can be adjusted in another session. 
    9. If you still plan to sleep during the class then keep yourself logged in else there could be attendance issues later on (while doing certifications). 
    10. If you do not understand one trainers' lectures make sure to voice the concern and do not just sit there and wonder 'what now?'
    11. Please do not ask irrelevant questions in the class. Time is precious and one should use it wisely (yours and others' time as well).

    Timely Assignments

    1. Please Please your assignments on the same day or the next day or at least in the same week. You will thank me later for reminding this small trick. 
    2. Take contact details of the trainer (email or WhatsApp number). Send an email to him/her when you are stuck in the assignment. 
    3. Try to put down multiple queries in a single email so that when the trainer gives you quality time while replying. Make use of that one time he decides to reply. He might not reply to your constant messages or emails. 
    4. Note down the difficulties you are having in the assignment. Make sure to ask in the next class. Ask the trainer to help if you are stuck. 
    5. Put down a list of queries for the next class. Ask them too!!! Make your notes while doing the assignments. Ask the queries in the next class, if any. 
    6. Save the assignments with the dates of class and the name of the session. 
    7. Try to be in the Whatsapp group and take numbers, stay connected with your fellow students. 
    8. Take help and brainstorm with fellow students for completing the assignments. Take time out to help others too if you are looking for someone's time. 
    9. Time is money. Respect yours as well others' time.
    10. Please ask your coordinator who is checking your assignments? Your trainer or someone else? Ask questions if there are any on the assignment assessments, if you have any doubts please clarify them.
    11. Make sure you understand the assessment and make corrections accordingly. Do not forget to re-submit!

    That's it for now!


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