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Inside Sales - Helping to Buy

Inside Sales   The sale of products or services by reaching out to customers through email, internet, and the phone is called Inside Sales. Sharing my three years’ experience and learning of inside sales (services) at Share Samadhan . Hope you like this short post. Try helping your customers to buy your services or product Do not follow your leads like Cheeka (Hutch Ad’s Pug) One should have patience, nurture your leads, understand them Make customers feel special. Be happy when you speak There’s no need to be aggressive You can agree to disagree without arguments or disrespecting them Be patient and educate them about the issues they might be having but are unaware of Be a problem solver Be polite, give respect while talking to your prospective client. He could be a CEO, a small vendor, shouldn’t matter Respect their choice of language, speak in a language they are comfortable with Be empathetic Be Trustworthy. Tell the truth whether the leads close or not Dear Reader, I will add more

Digitized Gen X

When Gen X decides going digital If you can be patient ( though much to demand these days ) and read a little about how I started my professional journey, you will be able to understand this post. It is about how I am continuing to change and adapt to new situations due to my different job roles and managing to survive in this digital era. I am always stretching myself beyond my boundaries to see what's on the other side. I draw my inspiration from a motivational speech I heard or read somewhere (yes, I don't remember & am old). It talked about Colonel Sanders who started at 65. I am still 20 years younger than him! Way back in 1993, I was hired as an intern to assist the Sampling Head, my first mentor, at Shakumbhari Exports. For some reason, he has not mentioned his short tenure at Shakumbhari in the public domain. I realized, much later, that it was a stop-gap for him before he joined a very well-known multi-national company. So, I will respect his decision and not ment


MOTHER-IN-LOVE Indian women will resonate with this more likely.  If we look at her as a mother-in-love instead of a mother-in-law (MIL) we might see her point of view and be able to love her as our own mother. Those who know me can say it is easy for me to be positive on this relationship since I have a great loving mother (in-law). But...sadly, I have seen and continue to see many people (specifically in India) struggling in this relationship. Some women keep trying, some lose hope, some fake their love towards each other, some come to a kind of a silent agreement with each other, some break all ties, some hate each other to the moon and back! Let's not focus on the problem here I guess. This list can become as long as one can imagine. SAD BUT TRUE FOR SOME Knowingly or unknowingly this has destroyed many homes and has cost the family members a peaceful and more importantly a loving environment. The kids suffer a lot in this. They are not sure how to react and what will be a goo

Digital Marketing Bug

Bitten but Smitten Digital Marketing bug could bite a Gen-X Busy Bee Working Mom when... When LinkedIn is all about people posting their fancy certifications and suddenly FOBO (fear of being offline) strikes her, big time!! After 2 years' stint in the sales job, she finally realizes "DM" is SOMETHING she needs to know.  When she hears discussions of SEM, SEO SMM but doesn't know what they exactly mean! and oh PPC, of course!! When she finally thinks she "should also" write a blog and "save the earth" by her online presence. When, as a CRM/Inside Sales Head , she is expected to fill the gap after her team's Digital Marketer leaves, until new hiring is done! Oh yeah, you guessed it all right, it all be true like the Sun and the Moon!! These are all the basic reasons why I started learning Digital Marketing in the first place apart from being an Avid Learner .  Now let me help you make a decision on the basis of the experiences I had, mistakes I m