5 Common Reasons Your Shares Transferred To IEPF

5 Common Reasons Your Shares Transferred To IEPF  Since 2017,  I  have interacted with so many aggrieved investors and found that the most common 5 reasons shares and dividends get transferred  to IEPF are as follows:  1. You relocated/shifted from the share purchase address but never thought of updating the companies. It is very common. Do not worry. 2. You are living at the same address (share purchase address) BUT you never paid attention to the dividend cheques you received.  3. You received dividend cheques but never encashed them nor deposited them in a bank and kept them in your almirah (they are still lying there, untouched!).  4. You bought shares but forgot your signature hence you are not able to dematerialize your physical shares.  5. You never knew that your deceased father or grandfather purchased some shares way back in the 90s. You can submit your IEPF related query here and wait for a callback or email response. If you are in a hurry just WhatsApp at 09818377156 or

Book Review - Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984) By George Orwell

Book Review 1984 By George Orwell Written by: Prithvi Dev Singh, 2nd year student in Delhi University, India 1984 is a social science fiction novel by English novelist George Orwell. It was published on 8th June 1949 as Orwell’s 9th and final book.   Thematically, the book revolves around a totalitarian dystopian social system and mass surveillance. But there is a lot more to it, the book focuses strongly on freedom of thought and freedom of expression. Secondary points of focus are sex and speech, etymology i.e. how they propagate the idea of free will and how authoritarian regimes deal with such blasphemies (by their standards of course).   Another main focal point is history, past and how it is bent rather completely destroyed and written a new so that it fits their centralized and dictatorial narrative.   "Who controls the past, controls the future Who controls the present, controls the past."   Protagonist Winston Smith lives in Oceania which is control

Book Review - Animal Farm By George Orwell

Book Review  Animal Farm By George Orwell Written by: Prithvi Dev Singh, 2nd year student in Delhi University, India Animal Farm is a parable or an allegorical novella by George Orwell, first published in England 3rd August 1945. It can also be categorised under political satire.   Book tells the story of farm animals who rebel against their human farmer hoping to create a society where animals can be equal free and happy. The main characters are mostly the farm animals and among them the pigs.   For the Indian audience this story is very relatable and holds the answers to the modern Indian political conundrum. It was amazing to see how well George Orwell put everything together in the book with the bottom line message of 'man is a pig' .   I had this earworm of “Des Mera” by Indian Ocean, when I was reading this book which actually makes perfect sense if you pay attention to the lyrics. Talk about context!   Character development is quite intriguing once you ha

Covid Posters for Project

  Covid Posters Created for Posting on Twitter (Project)

Learning to Trade

Learning to Trade    Confession of an Unbiased Working Mother & Avid Learner When I ( Sneha Kaur ) joined my current organization in 2017, I was a complete novice and did not know anything about the share market.  However, I gathered much knowledge about  Unclaimed Investments , thanks to Share Samadhan सारे समाधान  . Here, I learned the issues faced by the investors when they want to retrieve their   #unclaimedinvestment or # IEPFclaim.   But I always wanted to know - how did they invest in the first place? How did they know which company to invest in? How to begin? Then I came across a video by  Vivek Bajaj . He has come up with a stock analysis tool by the name of StockEdge So if you want to explore the share market and are a complete novice (like me) then you might want to simply subscribe to this channel by where you can learn very easily. It is amazing. I watched 3 videos of his #Learn2Trade and I feel more confident than I was 2 hours before. He is able to clear your conc